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Challenged with the stress, pain and symptoms of chronic health issues?

Do you feel like you've tried it all without improvement?

Not sure where to turn?

Central Penn Reflexology  Lancaster, Pennsylvania  Copyright 2011

Central Penn Reflexology is a complement, not a replacement for regular medical care. Information on our site should

not be construed as medical advice.

Member of the

Pennsylvania Reflexology Organization

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 At Central Penn Reflexology, we provide solutions every day for people just like you who are looking for alternative and effective approaches to feeling better and staying well.

  Our family of clients range from people who report less muscular and joint pain, less foot discomfort and more energy to those who get relief from migraines, headaches, anxiety and insomnia while others experience improved digestion and circulation.

 Our practice specializes in an advanced method of Therapeutic Reflexology, a long established touch therapy applied primarily to the hands and feet.

What Clients Say

“… my migraines have ceased, my neck and joint pain is greatly reduced and I no longer suffer from anxiety.”   L.B.

“Reflexology is one of the most important, positive changes I've made in my life.  I came to Central Penn Reflexology in 2013 suffering the effects of a stressful job, overweight, fatigued, and possessing the typical middle aged "aches and pains."  I felt immediate changes even after the first session …”J.B.

“I started going to Jeff for monthly sessions and it’s amazing how good I feel.  I no longer have a pain in my thigh which occurred while walking.  I have degenerative back disease and constantly had pain.  I no longer have pain in my back.”  J.S.                      more

Member of the Reflexology Association of America

Your Reflexologist

Jeff McCreary, MRP

Certified Reflexologist

Easy Online and Mobile Scheduling

To check appointment availability or to schedule an appointment, please select the office location you prefer.

Lemoyne Office Lancaster Office

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